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Parasailing  also known as parascending, is not only a thrilling   aero adventure sport but also among the safest adventure sport & so can also be called as gateway to aero sports. The sheer joy of soaring in the sky hundreds of feet above and not much need of training has made this recreational event immensely popular. It has been a family joyride for a long time.

The parascender or the parasailer has little or no control over the parachute. the ascend and descend is controlled by the experienced controller.

Venue: Jakkur aerodrome or Hoskote (Bangalore) on all weekends and Holidays.

We assure you unlimited excitement

True value for money as we give you the longest rope length and longest ride in Bangalore .
Our Weekend Aero Adventure Sports Programmes
We conduct parasailing in Jakkur Aerodrome and Hoskote for Corporate and General public. it is conducted from morning to evening on weekends and Public Holidays.
Parasailing Rs. 350/- per launch

Group discount available

Microlight Rs. 1050/- per launch Not Available
Flying in small craft Rs. 1200/- per launch Not Available

Venture Adventure Club is the only adventure club in INDIA that has been authorized by General Thimayya National Academy of Adventure (GETHNAA) Department of Sports and Youth services, Govt. of Karnataka to utilize there infrastructure and also organize camps on their behalf, We have also been permitted by Govt. Flying Training School (GFTS) to utilize the Jakkur aerodrome to organize parasailing event. This proves that we are not only qualified but also trained.

Be assured we know our job

Instructors are certified & qualified with A+ grade in advance parasailing course from reputed and recognized adventure academy.

Have U ever looked at bird in flight and thought how it must feel to soar high up in the skies breaking free from the hold of the gravitation and playing hide ‘ N ' seek with the clouds. Get swept of your feet and float in air! Have a jeep pull u into the air for a short exhilarating under a parasail before floating back to mother earth.

Most of us have flown kites.  Parasail also works on the same principle as of kites. but the only difference is that person is attached to the same.

Parasail is a parachute attached to some moving transportation medium like a four-wheel drive ( 4-WD in this case ) or a motorboat. The jeep pulls Para sailor along with the Parasail mechanically. The Canopy gets inflated and on further pulling by the transport medium the Parachute is made ready to go up in the air and the person attached with it takes three or four quick steps and then in the air & starts ascending in the air like glider up to a approximately height of 300ft+. Landing also is very smooth.

The activity is primarily an amusement ride, not to be confused with the sport of paragliding.

History of Parasailing

Advent of parasailing began in the 60's when Piere Lamogine attached already existing parachute to a car.  That was a cheaper way to teach parachuters, they would raise them to a certain height and then they would let them free.  That method was called Parascending.  In the middle of 60's, Pioneer Parachute company started making parachutes under protected name  "Parasail ".







4 Seat

Rs.7/-per Km



9 Seat

Rs.9/-per Km.



9 Seat

Rs.9/-per Km.


Tempo Traveler

12/13/14 Seat

Push back

Video coach.

Rs. 11/- per Km.


Mini bus 19/21

Seat Push back

Video coach.

Rs.17/- per Km


Swaraj Mazda

32 Seat 

(Sat/Sun Only).

Rs.20/- per Km


Bus 35/50/55 Seat

Rs.30/- per Km


Minimum 250 km per day for all the above vehicles and Driver's allowances 

extra. Eight hours 80 km option also available.




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